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Title Alternative ステロイド依存性重症難治性喘息に対する温泉療法の遠隔効果
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Author Tanazaki, Yoshiro| Sudo, Michiyasu| Kitani, Hikaru| Kawauchi, Kazuhisa| Mifune, Takashi| Okuda, Hiroyuki| Tada, Shinya| Takahashi, Kiyoshi| Kimura, Ikuro|
Abstract The immediate effects (IEs) and distant effects (DEs) of spa therapy were observed in 67 patients with steroid- dependent intractable asthma (SDIA). (1) The IEs of spa therapy evaluated one week after spa therapy were considerably high, and the efficacy rate was 61.5% in type Ⅰa, 82.7% in type Ⅰb, and 83.4% in type Ⅱ asthmatics. (2) The DEs of spa therapy on SDIA were also observed. The efficacy rate was 50.2% in type Ⅰa, 54.3% in type Ⅰb and 63.7% in type Ⅱ asthmatics. (3) The DEs of spa therapy were different between cases with and without maintenance therapy (MT). The efficacy rate of DEs was generally high (72.8~91.7%) in cases with MT, and low (16.7~40.0%) in cases without MT. These results show that MT is very important to keep the IEs of spa therapy high for a long time.
Abstract Alternative 67例のステロイド依存性重症難治性喘息を対象に,温泉療法を行い,その即時的効果(1週間後)および遠隔効果(1年後),さらには,温泉療法後の継続療法の影響などについて検討を加えた。1.温泉療法1週間後の即時的効果は比較的高く,その有効率は,Ⅰa.気管支攣縮型で61.5%,Ⅰb.気管支攣縮+過分泌型で82.7%,Ⅱ.細気管支閉塞型で83.4%であった。2.温泉療法の遠隔効果では,その有効率は,Ⅰa型で50.2%,Ⅰb型で54.1%,Ⅱ型で63.7%であった。3.温泉療法の遠隔効果は,その後の継続療法の有無によりかなり異なった結果であった。すなわち,継続療法を行った症例の有効率は,72.8~91.7%と高く,一方,継続療法を行わなかった症例の有効率は,16.7~40.0%の間にあった。これらの結果から,温泉療法の即時的効果を保つためには,その後の継続療法が極めて重要であることが示唆された。
Keywords lmmediate effects (即時的効果) Distant effects (遠隔効果) Maintenance therapy (継続療法) Spa therapy (温泉療法) Steroid-dependent intractable asthma (ステロイド依存性重症難治性喘息)
Publication Title 環境病態研報告
Published Date 1990-09
Volume volume61
Start Page 1
End Page 6
ISSN 09133771
language 英語
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