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Title Alternative A case report of Homalogaster paloniae from the cecum of a bull in Fukuyama City
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Author Saito, Tetsuro| Igami, Norio| Taguchi, Kazufumi| Shigeto, Kaduhiro| Takaoki, Mie| Tongu, Yasumasa|
Abstract 広島県福山市のとちく場で1頭の牛の盲腸より22匹の吸虫を検出し、形態的特徴より総て平腹双口吸虫Homalogaster paloniaeの成虫と同定した。この牛は岡山県真庭郡川上村で生まれ、そこで約10ヶ月飼育されていた。福山市の牧場内には、この吸虫の中間宿主であるヒラマキモドキガイが生息するような環境はなく、岡山県で飼育されていた時にこの吸虫に感染した可能性が高いと推察された。
Abstract Alternative Twenty-two worms were taken out from the cecum of a bull at the slaughterhouse in Fukuyama City. These worms were identified as adult Homalogaster paloniae by its morphological features. However, we were unable to determine the infection route of these worms. It was suggested that the bull was infected with Homalogaster paloniae in the birthplace, Okayama Prefecture.
Keywords 平腹双口吸虫 (Homalogaster paloniae) 牛 (bull) 盲腸 (cecum) 福山市 (Fukuyama City)
Publication Title 岡山大学医学部保健学科紀要
Published Date 2002-03-20
Volume volume12
Issue issue2
Start Page 119
End Page 122
ISSN 1345-0948
language 日本語
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NAID 120002307372