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Title Alternative Research on satisfaction of elderlies with dementia in health care facilities.
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Author Sumiyoshi, Kazuko| Kawata, Chieko| Okano, Hatsue| Okamoto, Motoi| Takahashi, Kiyoshi| Mori, Shuji| Tsujimoto, Hisae| Sue, Eiko|
Abstract 2つの老人保健施設に入所している痴呆老人について,観察者による彼らの満足度とその時に観察された行動の関係を明らかにすることを目的とする。調査対象者は,2つの老人保健施設に入所中で,本人または家族より調査への了系の得られた,歩行可能な痴呆老人各14名,合計28名である。観察者は対象者の行動を48時間観察し,どこで誰と何を行っているかとその時の満足度を調査票に記録した。満足度は対象者の表情や態度から観察者が判断し,大変満足を⑤とし,どちらとも言えないを③,大変不満足を①とした5段階評定で示した。その結果以下の3点が明らかとなった。 1)両施設で満足度の高い時間帯は,レクリエーションが含まれる"午前中の時間"であった。 2)満足度が高いのは,居場所では,"レクリエーションルーム・屋外"であった。 3)同行者は,"家族","観察者",行動は,"話をする",手伝いをするなど"自発的な行為"が多くみられた。以上により,2つの施設で満足度ごとの時間帯,居場所,同行者と行動が似通っていたことから,客観的に痴呆老人の満足度を把握することは可能であると考える。
Abstract Alternative The purpose of this study was to clarify if there is a relationship between the satisfaction of elderlies with dementia in health care facilities by subjective views of the investigator and their actions. The subjects of this investigation were 28 fully functional elderly clients with dementia who were living in 2 health care facilities. They or their family consented to take part in our research. 14 clients were chosen from each facilities. The investigators observed the clients for 48 hours and recorded where they were, with whom they were, what they did, as well as the client's level of satisfaction. The satisfaction levels were judged from the clients' appearances or attitudes by the investigations. There were five satisfaction including from 1 : unsatisfied to 5 : great satisfaction. The following three points were observed both in two facilities in common ; (1) the high satisfaction time period was "morning" when recreation was included. (2) the client received a high level of satisfaction when they were in the "recreation-room" or "outdoors", (3) the client received a high level of satisfaction whom they stayed with "their family" or "observers", when talking to someone or helping someone positively. Analysis of these results demonstrated there was similar pattern between the time of day and place and their companion or their actions among the subjects in two facilities. It can be assumed that it is able to observe elderlies with dementia satisfaction degree objectively.
Keywords 老人保健施設 (old people's health facilities) 痴呆老人 (elderlies with dementia) 満足度 (satisfaction)
Publication Title 岡山大学医学部保健学科紀要
Published Date 2001-12-25
Volume volume12
Issue issue1
Start Page 63
End Page 70
ISSN 1345-0948
language 日本語
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