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Title Alternative Maternal swimming at Misasa Hospital Of Okayama University Medical School First report. Recognition of the pregnant women to maternity swimming
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Author Okuda, Hiroyuki| Suga, Kiyohiro| Sakata, Junko| Yosida, Sachie| Mifune, Masaaki| Tanizaki, Yoshiro|
Abstract 妊婦のスポーツに対する考え方は近年まで比較的消極的であったが,最近マスコミに取り上げられるようになり,妊婦水泳・エアロビクスダンス等は全国的にもかなり普及していると思われる。今回外来通院患者を対象に妊婦水泳に関するアンケート調査を行った結果,大多数のものが関心を持ち,また実施希望を持っていることが判明したのでその概要を報告する。
Abstract Alternative The sports have been contraindication for pregnant women till resent years. Since Dr. Murooka reported the safety and the effectiveness of maternity swimming in 1978. maternity swimming have been taken up and fasionarised by mass media. And then maternity swimming becomes popular in our all over the country. Now we made inquiries about maternity swimming to 25 pregnant women in our outpatients clinic. (Results) 1. Eightyfour percent of them were interested in maternity swimming. 2. Eightyeight percent of them wanted to swim. 3. Most of them had little knowledge about tocological effectiveness of maternity swimming. (Conclusion) It is nessesary that the enlightenment and the active management of maternity swimming by obstetricians.
Keywords 妊婦水泳 (Maternity swimming)
Publication Title 環境病態研報告
Published Date 1988-08
Volume volume59
Start Page 8
End Page 11
ISSN 09133771
language 日本語
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