Title Alternative Development of teaching materials on water color using a plastic pipe as a long path cell : their applications to elementary science lessons
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Author MIYAZAKI, Yui| AJIMI, Tsubasa| KITA, Masakazu|
Abstract  Water is an essential substance for living things. Topic on water are at grades 3-6 in elementary science. The roles and functions of water (erosion, accumulation, transportation), germination and growth of plants, etc. On the other hand, the properties of water are not treated except physical change like boiling, evaporation, freezing, etc.<br/>  The color, taste, and smell of water are not discussed in elementary science. This research proposes that the color of water because an excellent theme for inquire based leaning. We have developed a suitable and low cost teaching material for the water color. Furthermore, we have conducted a few lessons with the teaching materials to examine the appropriateness.
Keywords Transmission excited vibrational state of molecule Long light path cell Absorption of light
Publication Title 教育実践学論集
Published Date 2018-03
Issue issue19
Start Page 191
End Page 196
ISSN 2433-1791
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