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Author Kuroda Tsutomu| Osaki, Hirokazu| Matsuda, Masaaki| Fujisawa Keita|
Abstract Multi-item flexible manufacturing systems have been spread to correspond the short life-cycle and the diversification of products. Part handling plays an important role to operate multi-functional robot efficiently in these systems, and many jigs are widely used to hold a part. They should be exchanged at once according to changing products. In this paper, we propose a pin jig which holds a part with two pins, and design method of the position, length and diameter of those pins for a cylindrical part. This jig has the following characteristics. As a surface of the jig is inclined to use gravity, the part can be fixed without any external forces. Therefore the structure of jig becomes simple, and loading and unloading of a part becomes easy for a robot hand.
Publication Title Memoirs of the Faculty of Engineering, Okayama University
Published Date 1989-03-30
Volume volume23
Issue issue2
Start Page 9
End Page 19
ISSN 0475-0071
language 英語
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NAID 120002307693