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Author Suemaru, Katsuya| Kawasaki, Hiromu| Yasuhara, Kanako| Yao, Kazuhisa| Furuno, Katusushi| Kawakami, Yasuhiro| Araki, Hiroaki| Gomita, Yutaka| Oka, Eiji|
Abstract <p>Steady-state serum concentrations of carbamazepine (CBZ) and valproic acid (VPA) were investigated in normal weight (body mass index; BMI 20 to 25), lean (smaller than 20 BMI) and moderately obese subjects (greater than 25 BMI) who received either 400 mg/day of CBZ or 800 mg/day of VPA. The CBZ serum concentration in lean subjects was significantly higher than that in normal weight subjects. However, no significant differences in VPA serum concentration were found between the three groups. The CBZ serum concentration decreased with increases in total body weight, and the VPA serum concentration decreased with increases in ideal body weight. However, both serum concentrations were not correlated with BMI. These results suggest that VPA doses should be calculated using ideal body weight and that degree of obesity may affect CBZ serum concentration rather than VPA serum concentration.</p>
Keywords carbamazepine valproic acid serum concentration obesity lean
Amo Type Article
Published Date 1998-06
Publication Title Acta Medica Okayama
Volume volume52
Issue issue3
Publisher Okayama University Medical School
Start Page 139
End Page 142
ISSN 0386-300X
NCID AA00508441
Content Type Journal Article
language 英語
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PubMed ID 9661740
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