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Author Nojima, Daisuke| Fujimoto, Nobukazu| Kato, Katsuya| Fuchimoto, Yasuko| Kiura, Katsuyuki| Kishimoto, Takumi| Tanimoto, Mitsune|
Abstract We investigated the clinical features of asbestos-induced diffuse pleural thickening (DPT) with severe respiratory compromise. We conducted a retrospective study of consecutive subjects with asbestos-induced DPT. Medical data such as initial symptoms, radiological findings, respiratory function test results, and clinical course were collected and analyzed. There were 24 patients between 2003 and 2012. All were men, and the median age at the development of DPT was 74 years. The top occupational category associated with asbestos exposure was dockyard workers. The median duration of asbestos exposure was 35.0 years, and the median latency from first exposure to the onset of DPT was 49.0 years. There were no significant differences in respiratory function test results between the higher and lower Brinkman index groups or between unilateral and bilateral DPT. Thirteen patients had a history of benign asbestos pleural effusion (BAPE), and the median duration from pleural fluid accumulation to DPT with severe respiratory compromise was 28.4 months. DPT with severe respiratory compromise can develop after a long latency following occupational asbestos exposure and a history of BAPE.
Keywords asbestos pleural thickening MRC dyspnea scale respiratory function test costophrenic angle
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Published Date 2015-10
Publication Title Acta Medica Okayama
Volume volume69
Issue issue5
Publisher Okayama University Medical School
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Author Koga, Hikari| Miyahara, Nobuaki| Fuchimoto, Yasuko| Ikeda, Genyo| Waseda, Koichi| Ono, Katsuichiro| Tanimoto, Yasushi| Kataoka, Mikio| Gelfand, Erwin W.| Tanimoto, Mitsune| Kanehiro, Arihiko|
Published Date 2013-01-24
Publication Title Respiratory Research
Volume volume14
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