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Title Alternative A Survey Study of University Students’ Awareness on Social Contribution and Regional Cooperation
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Author Na, Myungjin| Araki, Masaru| Kurihara, Koji|
Abstract Recently, competition among universities has a whole new face, and emphasis is given toward interdependence and interactive evolution between universities and regions. From this social perspective, universities should contribute to regional development by serving the regional society using results of intellectual work, and it is necessary for universities to accomplish social contribution and regional cooperation strategically. One of the most important parts in strategic planning is that students participate in activities for social contribution and regional cooperation. This paper presents a survey of the university students’ awareness on social contribution and regional cooperation using several statistical methods and attempts to find factors which affect activities for social contribution and regional cooperation using logistic regression analysis.
Keywords University students’ awareness social contribution and regional cooperation volunteer activities exploratory factor analysis logistic regression analysis
Publication Title 岡山大学環境理工学部研究報告
Published Date 2012-03
Volume volume17
Issue issue1
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End Page 21
ISSN 2185-3347
language 日本語
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Author Na, Myungjin|
Published Date 2009-03-25
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Author Na, Myungjin| Ono, Yusaku| Ono, Yoshiro| Kurihara, Koji|
Published Date 2008-03
Publication Title 岡山大学環境理工学部研究報告
Volume volume13
Issue issue1
Content Type Departmental Bulletin Paper