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Author Eguchi, Katsuto| Lin, Yaw-Tyng| Noda, Kiyofumi| Saeki, Kazuhiko| Yonezawa, Masaru| Sekiba, Kaoru| Ochiai, Youji|
Abstract <p>Six pregnant women with convulsions between 25 to 40 weeks of gestation were experienced. Among them, 4 patients were diagnosed as having intracranial hemorrhage and two as simple eclampsia. With the aid of brain CT scan, one case of arteriovenous malformation was detected and treated surgically with good prognosis for both the mother and the fetus. Two patients were diagnosed to have cerebral hemorrhage with subsequent penetration into the lateral ventricles and were treated conservatively. Their fetuses were delivered alive by cesarean section, but the mothers expired. The other patient with cerebral hemorrhage was treated surgically, and both the mother and the fetus survived. One of the simple eclampsia patients was noted to have a growth retarded fetus at 32 weeks of pregnancy with subsequent intra-uterine death, but the mother recovered after conservative treatment. Another patient at 40 weeks of pregnancy was also treated conservatively and both the fetus and the mother survived. Brain CT scan findings differed between these two eclampsia patients; local brain edema for the second patient and generalized brain edema for the first patient. Thus more active application of brain CT scan is recommended in managing pregnant patients with convulsions. </p>
Keywords eclampsia cerebrovascular disrders(CVD) brain CT scan
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Published Date 1987-06
Publication Title Acta Medica Okayama
Volume volume41
Issue issue3
Publisher Okayama University Medical School
Start Page 117
End Page 124
ISSN 0386-300X
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