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若手保育者による保護者支援の困難さと対応に関する検討─ 経験に基づく保育者としての成長過程に着目して ─

片山 美香 岡山大学大学院教育学研究科 発達支援学系 Kaken ID publons researchmap
Childcare workers acquire a practical knowledge through the practice of childcare. We conducted research on how they acquire the practical knowledge even in the face of difficulty in guardian support. We used the qualitative data obtained by a group interview method. The data indicated the possibility that new childcare workers are so busy that they are often panicked by the guardians' complaints. However, our research revealed that such new childcare workers can establish a good relationship with the guardians by gradually acquiring a practical ability to provide a good childcare taking advice from their supervisors and colleagues. We also revealed that the new childcare workers make their own views on childcare and development clearer in their growth process.
childcare workers
guardian support
group interview method