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松森 靖夫 岡山大学教育学部附属教育工学センター
奥村 勉 岡山大学教育学部附属教育工学センター
西山 修 倉敷市立老松小学校
This study intends to examine the environment factors of lecture room in the university students. First of all, we have developed the list of viewpoints for university students to check the environment of lecture rooms. The list consists of 107 items that were picked out through the free-answer method. Next, using these effects, we have examined the differences of the environment factors by means of cluster analysis. The results obtained are summarized as follows: 1) The environment factors of lecture rooms presented by university students have been devided into 7 categories. Those are "equipment", "school furniture", "color" , "disaster", "cleanness & silence", "space" and "air". 2) By means of cluster analysis, 6 types of viewpoints to cognize the environment of lecture rooms have been clarified.
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