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高島 征助 岡山大学地域共同研究センター
Study of deactivating methods against ceder pollenosis antigen in vitro: Every spring season, there are numerous pollenosis patients, especially ceder pollenosis, in our country. However, the radical theraputics against the pollenosis has not been established yet. Some deactivating methods, ultraviolet (UV) irradiation, wet heat treatment and adsorption method to the extracted solution of ceder pollen were examined. Deactivating effect against the pollenosis antigen was determined by measuring the changes of the specific antibody values (IgE antibody) in patient blood serum as the marker in vitro. It was cleared that the UV irradiation, the heat treatment over 60℃ and the adsorbent containing the acid site were effective on the deactivation against the antigen.
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