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加藤 内藏進 岡山大学大学院教育学研究科自然教育学系(理科) Kaken ID researchmap
加藤 晴子 岐阜聖徳学園大学教育学部音楽教室
別役 昭夫 岡山大学教育学部附属中学校(理科)
To the change in the global environment, such as the Global Warming, regional climate systems will show rather different response from region to region. It is necessary for many people to be able to remark, as early as possible, what kind of regional climate change is going on, in order to mitigate the climate change itself or coming damage of the change in each region. In East Asia, the complicated seasonal variations are seen influenced by the Asian monsoon, resulting in the variety of "seasonal feeling". The present paper will discuss on the joint activity of meteorology with music, and so on, toward development of students' sensitivity to the climate change in East Asia with attention also to the "seasonal feeling". Firstly, some important viewpoints for understanding the seasonal cycle of climate systems in East Asia will be reviewed. We will also review the rapid temperature increase around the beginning of April in the Japan Islands in association with the "seasonal feel ing", together with the reports of a lecture on that topic in a primary school. Next, another lecture on the seasonal cycle in East Asia and its climate change there in the secondary school will be reported. Finally, the future joint research plan will be discussed.
Climate and its Change in East Asia
"Seasonal cycle and Seasonal Feeling"
Meteorology and Music Songs
Environmental Education