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Roof greening is known to be environmentally friendly technology. Recently developed new roof greening systems, such as the thin-layer/Excel soil© system and the wetland type greening system, were tested at the roof top of buildings of Research Institute for Bioresources, Okayama University. After a multi-year test, these new systems have been established during high-temperature and less-rainfall summer seasons in the south Okayama region. Data indicated that roof greening effectively reduced the temperature of the concrete surface (more than 10°C). The room temperature under the green roof was also reduced both in a stock room (up to 6°C) and in an office room (about 2°C). We also provided the estimation indicating that this roof greening is useful for the decrease in CO(2) emission through the reduction of the electric power for air-conditioning in the summer.
Roof greening
wetland type greening
thin-Iayer/ Excel soil© system
cooling effect