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This study was aimed to clarify the prognostic factors in colorectal cancer patients with synchronous liver metastasis. Fifty-four patients were assessed to evaluate prognoses according to various clinico-pathological factors and therapeutic procedures. The patients' survival was significantly related to extrahepatic distant metastasis and therapeutic procedures. Regarding therapeutic procedures, the liver resection group showed significantly improved survival compared with the chemotherapy group, especially in liver metastasis Grade B. For colorectal liver metastases, it is clear that liver resection is the most effective treatment at present. Further improvement of patient prognoses is expected to be achieved by future research on combination chemotherapy.
大腸癌 (colorectal cancer)
同時性肝転移 (synchronous liver metastasis)
肝切除 (liver resection)
化学療法 (chemotherapy)
原著(Original Paper)