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水田 隆之 岡山醫科大學産婦人科教室
芳野 俊五 岡山醫科大學小兒科教室
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In this report, an investigation of 188 newborns was carried out, as a supplement of the first one, ranging all seasons of the year. The results can be summarized as follows: 1) In a comparatively large number of cases, such bony changes was revealed by X-ray photographing, similar to the rachitis, and it was ascertained that between those infants with the above-mentioned changes and the mothers, there was existing a somewhat close connection, with regards to the living conditions of the mothers, namely constitution, food, house and environments, sunshine, health, bodily exercise etc. 2) As to the seasonal change, it occurred more in February and March, then it diminisched gradually reaching the least in June. Later from Autumn it tended to increase again. 3) It can be concluded that this bony roentgenogram may due to the rachitic character, assuming its pre-phase or corresponding to the Gyorgy's "rachitis sine rachitide". Therefore it may be too erroneous to deny utterly the congenital existense of newborn rachitis.