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落花生種子成分ノHeparin樣血液凝固抑制物質ニ關スル知見補遺 後編 Heparinノ血液凝固抑制機轉ニ就テ

玉尾 延忠 岡山醫科大學生理學教室
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From my previous report it is supposed that the anticoagulant action of the peanut extract is skin to that of heparin. So I prepared heparin from dog's livers after the method originated by Charles-Scott, and investigated on this action to blood coagulation, comparing with those of the extract of the peanut. The results may be summarized as follows: 1) Heparin did not interfere with the presence of Ca-ion, inhibited the blood coagulation acting as antiprothrombin as well as as antithrombin. 2) The anticoagulant actiom of heparin was markedly inhibited by the addition of fresh serum, but recovered its action to a certain extent 24 hours after the adition, and again diminished gradually with the lapse of time. 3) It may be concluded that the anticoagulant substance contained in the peanut extract is akin to heparin.