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近藤 淳 岡山大学医学部泌尿器科教室
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In 79 cases clinically diagnosed as prostatic hypertophy and treated with prostatectomy (49 cases without other treatment, 22 cases treated with Suron injection, and 8 cases treated with Honvan), prostatic tissue was clinicopatho-histologically examined and following results were obtained. 1) An objective histological classification taking consideration of the maintainance of glandular structure and the presence or absence of initial nodule was deviced. 2) Upon comparison of cases with urinary retention and those without, the role of the size of the adenoma as the fixed element of urinary retention is discussed from the histological findings, while interstitial cellular infiltration is also considered as the movable factor. 3) Upon comparison of the untreated group with the group treated by Suron injection (average dose 221mg) and the group treated by Honvan injection (average dose 1212mg), quantitative decrease of enlargement of glandular lumen, shortening of the distance between nuclei, vague outline of cell body, and decrease in the content of the glandular lumen are pointed out as the histological changes in response to antiandrcogenic therapy. Standstill of adenomatous proliferation appears to be introduced as the result. 4) Squamous metaplasia of Prostate did not show pictures of malignancy, probably most deebly influenced by antiandorogenic therapy. Presence of inflammation and transurethral treatment are not related to the histological change. 5) Occult cancer was seen in 5%. The nomenclature which has been used upon the basis of confusion of operative and autopsy material should be unified. Difference in the clinical significance between the two is also discussed.
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