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マウス白血病に関する免疫学的研究 第1編 C(58)系マウス白血病の補体結合反応について

森信 陽一郎 岡山大学医学部平木内科教室
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Complement fixation test in leukemia of C(58) strain mouse gave positive results. The most suitable antigen was derived from the liver and spleen extract of leukemic mouse which were treated by fluorocarbon and then cultured for 48 hours in allantoic fluid. As antibodies used was antiserum of rabbits treated according to adjuvant method by cell-free extract of the leukemic spleen and liver and the fluorocarbon treated material. No signifieant difference was found in results by either treatment. Some difference was noted in antigenicity between spontaneous leukemia and our serially transplanted leukemia. There were some suggestive evidences that normal C(58) strain mouse has latent leukemic virus.