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マウス白血病に関する免疫学的研究 第2編 補体結合反応によるC(58)系及びAKR系マウス白血病の病型変異に対する考察

森信 陽一郎 岡山大学医学部平木内科教室
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During the serial transplantaion of the lymphatic leukemia some cases of myelogenous leukemia were found to occur in C(58) and AKR strain mouse. Complement fixation test was performed to found any difference in antigenicity between the original and the trasformed leukemia. Results were; 1) In leukemia of C(58) strain mouse common antigenicity are found between the two leukemias. 2) Identical results were also found in AKR strain mouse. 3) It is suggested that viruses of the two leukemias are similar, although not quite identical.