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細胞内に生ずる結晶に関する研究 第1編 各種動物骨髄細胞内に生ずる新結晶

松森 宏 岡山大学医学部平木内科
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Hitherto unknown intracellular crystallizations were discovered in neutrophils and megakaryocytes of various animals. Animals used were normal C(57) and Cb mice, normal hybrid mice. these mice with leukemoid reaction induced by Saponin injection, C(58) mice with myelogenous leukemia (OHS ML, No. 1), C(58) mice with lymphocytic leukemia (OHS-LL, No. 1), normal rats, guinea-pigs and dogs. Cells of bone marrow or spleen of these animals were observed by means of tissue culture or supravital preparations. A few hours after the preparations were m de, shape , nee e shaped, or: pindle-shaped, strongly refractile crystals were observed arising in neutrophils and later in megakaryocytes. Those crystals were positive in birefringence and do not seems to be of extracellular origin. The crystals I found have not been reported in the literature.