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癌の細胞学的研究 第Ⅰ編 遊離癌細胞による細胞学的研究

三宅 清平 岡山大学医学部産科婦人科教室
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The present study was designed to determine cellular charactors of the carcinoma of the human utrine cervix utilizing Microspectorophotometry for nuclear DNA and Squash technique for chromosome. A fundamental study was carried out analysing chromosome number, nuclear DNA and nuclear volume in free cell of mouse ascites hepatoma 134. Results were as follows: 1) Since the highest peak of chromosome number was observed at hyperdiploid range (44), it was considered as the chromoseme number the stem cell. Another small peak, however, was also noted at triploid range. 2) A amount of nuclear DNA in hepatoma cell was found to be higher than in normal lymphocyte and was distributed in wide range. 3) A significant correlation was observed between chromosome number and amount of nuclear DNA. 4) Correlations were also noted to amount of nuclear DNA to nuclear volume, cell protein to cell volume and amount of nuclear DNA to cell protein respectively.