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ベクトル心電図に関する研究(Frank法) 第2編 日本人老壮年者のT環ついて

今井 正信 岡山大学医学部第一内科教室
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Subjects with normal standard 14 leads EGG were chosen. Relationship of the T loop with blood pressure, serum cholesterol, funduscopic findings, (especialy arteriosclerotic changes) age and sex distriction was studied. Results were as follows. 1) The T loop tended to be small, and circular, and to be located superiorly with the aging in both sex. 2) Location of the polar vector of the T loop tend to convert into the first quadrant froom the second one. 3) The shape of the T loop was not correlated with blood pressure, serum cholesterol and fundoscopic findings and it was more related to the aging. The T loop was large and circular in the forth decade.