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A Driving Method of a Spuare Waveform Inverter Circuit Using Power Transistors

Fujitsuka Takeshi Department of Electrical Engineering.
Agusa Toru Graduate School of Electrical Engineering.
In recent years, the development of a high power transistor element is proceeding. A high power inverter circuit using power transistors are finding a good number of applications in induction heating and melting. Turn off time of power transistors occupies 5-lOμs of switching characteristics. A driving method to give base inputs for a half period is widely used for a inverter circuit. But this method has the following defects, the short-circuit current flows through two transistors because the other pair transistors turn on before one pair transistors turn off. So the switching loss is increased, the maximum output and the efficiency are decreased. In this paper, a driving method to give base inputs for the less period as compared with a half period is discussed. Using this method, the foregoing defects is lost and the driving frequency is able to become higher. In addition, it become clear that the square waveform output is given using this method in the case of R-L load.