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A Performance Analysis For An Air-Pollution Monitoring Using A Pulsed Dye Laser

Sano, Hiroya Department of electronics
古賀 隆治 Department of electronics
Tanada Yoshihiro Department of electronics
The maximally attainable accuracy of an airpollution monitoring system is investigated. The system is composed of a tunable pulsed dye laser as the light source, photodiodes as the opto-electric converter and a low noise electronic signal processor specifically designed by the authors. The extreme value of the accuracy is given in terms of the standard deviation of the attenuation. The value is 3.4×10(-4)[Nep√(pulse number)] for an averaged value for multiple laser shots. Also the wavelength reproduceability of a dye laser was examined, which resulted in that a computer should take a part in the wavelength control in order that this method should be feasible.