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Measurement of High Temperature Thermodynamic Propertiesof Several Binary Alkali Silicate Glasses

Takahashi Katsuaki Department of Industrial Chemistry
Yoshio Tetsuo Department of Industrial Chemistry
Miura Yoshinari Department of Industrial Chemistry
Hirai Taketsugu Department of Industrial Chemistry
The method for continuous measurement of the high temperature heat content, developed by W.Oelsen et al. and applied to the glasses by M.Tashiro, was examined and modified in some points. Relations between the temperature and heat contents referred to the standard temperature 25℃, were determined for the some glasses of R(2)O-SiO(2) system, and the specific heats as well as the entropies were calculated. Comparing the results, some views have been obtained relating to the effect of the species and content of alkali ions on the thermodynamic quantities of such glasses.