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Measurements of Decomposition Voltage of Na(2)O-SiO(2) System at Elevated Temperature by Commutator Technique

Hirai Taketsugu Department of Industrial Chemistry
Miura Yoshinari Department of Industrial Chemistry
Yoshio Tetsuo Department of Industrial Chemistry
Takahashi Katsuaki Department of Industrial Chemistry
Decomposition voltages of Na(2)O (30-50 mole % )-SiO(2) binary system were estimated at the temperature range of 700~1200℃ by commutator technique. As the experimental procedure, relations between electrolytic current and resulting polarization potential without ohmic loss were observed by 20 cps mechanical commutator, using Pt|Na(2)O-SiO(2)|Pt electrochemical system. Experimental decomposition voltages determined from above relationship were the value of 1.5~2.0 V at the temperature beyond about 800℃ with comparatively less reproducibility. Further investigations on the decomposition reaction mechanisms were made in reference to both a series of reversible decomposition voltages derived from thermodynamic calculations on the several proposed decomposition reactions and chemical equilibrium in vitreous silicates.