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Analysis of a HaIf-Controlled Single-Phase Bridge Circuit with Free-Wheeling Diode (II)

Himei Toyoji Department of Electrical Engineering
Inoue Jyunichi Department of Electrical Engineering
This paper is presented on the operation of the phase controlled single-phase bridge circuit with a free-wheeling diode, which has capacitance in parallel with the inductive load. Such circuit configuration is frequently met with, for instance, at the time when the more smoothness of d-c voltage is required, the higher reliability of SCR's firing is taken into account or load windings include some capacitance which is not negligible. The capacitance influences not only largely upon SCR's rush current but also significantly upon control characteristics of the circuit such as wave forms, pulsating ratio and power factor etc. Here, the various effects of the capacitance on the circuit performance are discussed.