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Optimal Pricing and Planning of Urban Expressway System

Myojin Sho Department of Civil Engineering
Yamada Masahito Department of Civil Engineering
Fujii Naoto ONRON Co., Ltd.
A transportation planning way of approach is applied to optimal pricing and planning of urban expressway network. Two kinds of network are investigated ; four radials with one ring system and four radials with two rings system. The model is composed of three submodels ; road systell, trip generation-attraction and traffic diversion. Some iaplicative aspects are shown of the optimal solutions that maximize the aggregate number of the trips diverted to expressway under constraints ; equilibrium of revenue and expenditure and traffic capacity constraint. (1) traffic flow has the peaks at junctions on radial expressway that are adjusted to be equal to the traffic capacity. (2) two rings system realizes the larger aggregate number of diverted trips by lower toll rate than one ring system does. (3) well-located second ring has a remarkable effect on improvement in accessibility to expressway and (4) some parameters in the model have curious effects on the optimal system.