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Effect of Heat Treatment on the Serration of Low-Concentrated Al-Zn Alloys

Sakakibara, Akira Dept. of Mechanical Engineering Okayama University
Kanadani, Teruto Faculty of Engineering Okayama University of Science
Tashiro, Tsutomu Faculty of Informatics Okayama University of Science
Yoshioka, Kazumi Graduate School Okayama University of Science
The effect of heat-treatment conditions on occurrence of serration in Al-Zn alloys was investigated. Specimens were aged for various times up to 2.6Ms at 293K or 273K after quenching from various temperatures (T(Q)), 473K to 853K, and tensile-tested at room temperature. Serration occurred more easily according as T(Q) became lower and the aging time became shorter: in the case that T(Q)=473K serration was observed even after aging for 2.6Ms, while in the case that T(Q)=773K serration did not occur irrespective of aging conditions. Serration was also recognized when the specimens were furnace-cooled from 773K to room temperature. These results together with those obtained by the electrical resistometry suggest that the serration in the low'concentrated Al-Zn alloy is caused by the formation of small GP zones whose Guinier radius is less than 1nm or some sort of solute clusters.