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Effect of Nozzle Length on Breakup Length of Liquid Jet

Takahashi Teruo Department of Industrial Chemistry
Kitamura Yoshiro Department of Industrial Chemistry
Although the stability of Newtonian liquid jet has been investigated experimentally and theoretically, many problems has remained unsolved. Especially, the stability of liquid jets in immiscible liquid systems has been little studied. Furthermore, one has to point out that the stability of jets may be influenced by the turbulence in the nozzle and the velocity profile. This work presents the experimental result about the effect of the nozzle length on the breakup length of liquid jets in the air and in the immiscible liquid, as the beginning of a systematic investigation of the influence by these factors on the breakup of jet. The dependence of the initial amplitude of surface disturbances on the nozzle geometry is presented for evaluating the effect of the nozzle length on the breakup length of laminar liquid jet in the air and in the immiscible liquid.