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Dynamic Behaviour of Attaching Jet

Wada Tsutomu Department of Industrial Science
Shimizu Akira Department of Industrial Science
Dohta Shujiro Graduate Student, Department of Industrial Science
The dynamic behaviour of attaching jet with single side wall to step control flow and the switching proces of the bistable amplifiers were investigated experimentally and theoretically. In the experiments, a large scale model was used with water. The flow patterns were visualized by the tracer of polystrene granules and were recorded by a cinecamera. In the analysis, the quasi-steady proces was assumed. The results obtained can be summarized as follows: 1) The proposed analytical dynamic model of attaching jet explains well the dynamic behaviour of attaching jet with single side wall. 2) The process" of the opposite wall switching may be divided into three phases. 3) The analytical model of the opposite wall switching, including the formulation of the switching criterion, was proposed.