Mathematical Journal of Okayama University 61巻 1号
2019-01 発行

Passage of property (Bw) from two operators to their tensor product

Rashid, M.H.M. Department of Mathematics& Statistics Faculty of Science P.O.Box(7) Mu’tah University
Publication Date
A Banach space operator satisfies property (Bw) if the complement of its B-Weyl spectrum in its the spectrum is the set of finite multiplicity isolated eigenvalues of the operator. Property (Bw) does not transfer from operators T and S to their tensor product T ⊗ S. We give necessary and /or sufficient conditions ensuring the passage of property (Bw) from T and S to T ⊗ S. Perturbations by Riesz operators are considered.
property (Bw)
tensor product
Mathematics Subject Classification. Primary 47A10,47A80 ; Secondary 47A53.