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倉林 譲 森ノ宮医療大学保健医療学部鍍灸学科
It is thought that it appears in Central Asia in the form at the Stone Age, and it was brought by China in the future. Document extremely old one origin 「Kotei Daikyo」 described in 475-221 age of B.C. Acupuncture is remarkably accomplished development, and succeeds in the acupuncture anesthetizing in 1958 in 206-220 years, ages of B.C., and three country ages (220-280 years) following it. A big reform was performed to the idea of the acupuncture treatment of the past. It is said that the history of the acupuncture treatment in Japan was told our country from the continent by Mr.Tomonori for 561 years (Asuka age). My country old medicine book recorded 「Ishinpo」 edited by Yasunori Tanba. The glory of the acupuncture treatment is received in 1616-1867 years and Edo period. It became the Meiji age when 1610-1694 Mr. Waichi Sugiyama established the sect named the Sugiyama style, and Western medicine became the main current of the medicine with the import of the West civilization. Our country veterinary science area acupuncture treatment application history Mr. Ijin Kansai at Zui age book obviously veterinarian acupuncture & moxibustion for book in China acupuncture and moxibustion therapy do prove Animal acupuncture and moxibustion therapy treat book 「Bakei Taizen」 is famous. 「Bakei Taizen」 is exhibited in this Morinomiya Medical Technological school museum. Recently, the Acupuncture & Moxibustion is coming to be taken also to the Veterinarian clinical widely in daily life.
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