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安井 金也 広島大学
Despite an intelest of long standing in the origin and evolution of vertebrates,recent contribution of studies on lancelets(amphioxus),cephalochordates,to this field is not much.One of the major reasons for this is difficulties in applying effective molecular techniques to this animal.To estabhsh a base of easy-use of lancelet materials,we are improving a laboratorγ culture system of lancelets and have obtained sufficient spawns for six years.We also performed stocking with about 14,000 young lancelets at the native habitat in the Ariake Sea,Japan.With embryos obtained from the culture system,we first transformed epidermal cells of late neurulae with EGFP expression vectors by electroporation method.Our culture System is is releaslng lancelet studies from constraint.
特別講演要旨 (Summary of Special Lecture)