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倉林 譲 岡山大学医学部
About the pain in the living body、In the feeling of the living body of the pain,the living body is proof to be alive.In causing the pain,Some abnormalities are often found in the internal organs that corresponds to the part of the body.It is called internal organs parietal reflection in the Oriental medicine.The function of internal organs can normalize in accentuation if some treatments are given from outside of the body of the skin for this case.It is necessary to use and the analgesic regardless of strength..experiment.. Invading when the animal experiment treatment is given because there is a narcotic to which the action of relieving pain is weak,too,even if general anesthesia is given.The kind of the analgesic can recommend non-steroid analgesic from an insignifficant thing of the certainty and the side effect in the effect,and is technology in the animal experiment where the nociceptive stimulus is generated.There is a layer structure of numerical layer in the corner part after hitting this entrance,and the kind of the peripheral nerve fiber is also different though sense information from the tip enters the spinal cord through the root after the spinal cord.It is necessary to consider enough analgesic use in the animal experiment to which the generation of the pain is forecast.
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