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山本 美江 国立感染症研究所
内尾-山田 こずえ 医薬基盤研究所
高野 薫 医薬基盤研究所
小倉 淳郎 理化学研究所
浅野 敏彦 国立感染症研究所
中川 雅郎 国立感染症研究所
ICR(Yok:ICR)mice were introduced into the National Instltute of Infectious Diseases in 1965,and have been bred and produced there.Two inbred mutant mouse strains,MPS and ICGN,were created using(originated from)Yok:ICR mice in 1986.The MPS and ICGN mouse strains have served as the animal disease models of mycoplasma infectious disease and congenital nephritic syndrome,respectively. Genetic variations were detected by the genetic monitoring of Yok:ICR mice using biochemical markers.However, no difference was detected in gene expression profiles between the MPS and ICGN mouse strains.ICR mice may harbor genes that are spontaneously mutated,thereby allowing the creation of new pathological models through the segregation and/or selection(screening)of mutant genes.
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