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Weak Acid Hypochlorous Solution (WAHS) has been used for disinfection of foods (meats, vegetables etc.), and for environmental disinfection in the Retirement homes, Hospitals and Laboratory Animal facilities. We will introduce here some of environmental disinfection tests. 1) To study whether WAHS is available or not for blood blot inoculated by Acinetobacter baumannii on the plate comparing with Sodium Hypochlorite. 2) Comparison of Ethanol and WAHS on the floor and handrail. 3) To study efficacy of shallowly dipping by WAHS on wagon caster inoculated by Staphylococcus aureus. The results are: 1) It was observed that WAHS had an efficacy equal to Hypochlorite with lower concentration in the blood test, but in case that the adhesion amount of blood was larger, much higher concentration or adding physical removal was needed. 2) Ethanol and WAHS had Equivalent efficacy on the test of floor and handrail. 3) It was suggested that shallowly dipping by WAHS was available for disinfection of wagon caster. We hope to proceed to confirm how to use WAHS for environmental disinfection.
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