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村上 賢治 岡山大学
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Anthers containing uninucleate microspores of eggplant cv.'Wase-Shinkuro' were cultured on MS supplemented with 0.02mg/1 2,4-D and kinetin,3% sucrose and 0.2% Gelrite with high and low temprerature treatments to increase number of haploids,in early August and September and on November 4,1992.Anthers plated were kept heated at 35℃ for 48h in early November,and callus and embryoid were formed from microspores.The frequency of anthers foming callus was as high as 28% in treated anthers,but 14% in non-treated ones.Embryoids were obtained only in treated anthers,and the frequency of anthers forming embryoid was 5.1%.On the other hand,low temprerature pretreatments at 4℃ for 0,5 or 10days to flower buds in summer season were ineffective for embryoid formation and inhibitory for callus formation with treatement for langer periods.
anther culture
temperature treatments
callus formation
embryoid formation