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池田 康政 岡山大学
難波 昌二 岡山大学
桝田 正治 岡山大学
The effects of ethephon on the sex expression of flowers,and subsequent fruit quality of 'Honey Dew'melon were investigated.Ethphon induced many bisexual flowers on the primary shoot in the concentration of 100 or 200mg・ℓ-1 applied at the 8true-leaf expanded stage.The concentration of 200mg・ℓ-1 caused undeveloped and aborted flower buds,and the plant hight decreased with shoter internode.When enthphon treatment was repeated in the concentration of 100mg・ℓ-1,the number of bisexual flowers decreased;replicated treatment reduced both bisexual and flowers.In plants treated with 100mg・ℓ-1 at the 2,4 or 8 true-leaf expanded stages,many bisexual flowers occurred at the 6th to 9th,11th to 22nd and 16th to 25th nodes of the primary shoot,respectively.The fruits set on the primary shoot by ethephon treatment increased in the ratio of longitudinal diameter to cross.Ethephon-induced fruits decreased slightly in sugar content and the flesh was softer than those of the control.These results suggested that single treatment of ethephon was recommended in the concentration of 100mg・ℓ-1 at the 4-6 true-leaf expanded stage for induction of bisexual flowers on the 15th to 20th nodes of the primary shoot.
sex expression
fruit quality