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星野 敏 岡山大学
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The authors were concerned with the preparation of the rural improvement plan for years in the administrative district "Asaminami-ku of Hiroshima City from 1988 years.In that process,we got the opportunity that questionnaire investigation about agriculture management and urban development was carried out toward all the farm households(FHHs) in the case area.The technique of the quantification theory type "Ⅲ" was applied to the data of the questionnaire investigation.In this paper,we made clear the structural characteristics and the areal defferentation of the intension of FHHs.It is also discussed in detail about the characteristics of the " No answer" categories.After the above results was understood,area classification based on the developnent intention of the farm households was presented.
rural development plan
quantification theory
questionnaire investitation
areal differentiation