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長波長紫外光照射による酵母 Rhodotorula minuta 細胞膜エルゴステロールの分解

中馬 誠 岡山大学
荒見 真一郎 農林水産省食品総合研究所
秦 恵 神戸大学理学部
中川 一郎 九州農政局
村田 芳行 岡山大学
多田 幹郎 岡山大学
In search for primary photochemical reaction related to photoinduced carotenogenesis and photoinactivivation in yeast Rhodotorula minuta, the influence of near-UV radiation (300-400 nm) on ergosterol in the plasma membrane of the yeast. Irradiation by near-UV of intact cells and the plasma membrane preparation from the yeast caused changes in their absorption spectra. For the plasma membrane, difference spectra measured after irradiation of near-UV suggested the decomposition of ergosterol and the suggestion was proved by HPLC analysis. Experiments in model systems revealed that ergosterol itself was the photoreceptor in the photochemical reaction, and that there was not any other photoreceptor or photosensitizer which was related to photochemical reaction of ergosterol decomposition in the plasma membrane.
Rhodotorula minuta
absorbance change