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 “Food Irradiation”is a technology to treat foods with ionizing radiation in order to secure a “supply of food” and to ensure the “safety of food”, which are critical issues facing the woeld. At present, according to IAEA information, 53 countries permit the use of food irradiation by low, and about 230 items which are commercially available in 30 countries are legally authorized. Japan has a 50 year history of research of food irradiation. In 1972, irradiation of potato for preventing germination was permitted by low, and commercial production began in 1974. Howrver, after 1974, the number of researchers drastically decreased and no practical irradiation process has been invented. Japan is now far behind other countries and is called an “underdeveloped country for food irradiation”. In order to break out of the current backward situation, researchers related to food irradiation in Japan face the neecessity for an enlightening movement.
food irradiation
ionizing radiation
sanitation of food
wholesomeness of food
safety of food