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タイトル(別表記) Distributions and ages of the Paleogene deposits in the Kibi Plateau Area, and Paleogene paleogeography
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著者 田中 元| 鈴木 茂之| 宝谷 周| 山本 裕雄| 壇原 徹|
抄録 The "Kibi Plateau" forms a unique geomorphic province with the gently-sloping and stable continental feature. Gravel deposites called the "Mountain Gravels", are distributed sporadically in the Kibi Plateau, and have been considered Pliocene deposits. However, recent fission-track ages of the tuff beds intercalated in the deposits have indicated that the ago of deposits are Paleogen in the age. So far, fission-track ages (using zircon) of 61 to 65, 55, 37, 34 to 35 and 27 Ma are obtained. Remaining the belt-like distributions of the Paleogene gravelly valley-full deposits suggest that the Kibe Plateau has been keeping as a stable block, and repeated periods of incision followed by sedimentation of valley-fill deposits are occurred in the area during Paleogene period.
キーワード Kibi Plateau gravelly valley-fill deposites fission-track ages Paleogene palaeogeography
出版物タイトル Okayama University Earth Science Report
発行日 2003-12-20
開始ページ 15
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