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タイトル(別表記) β-, γ-相(Mg,Fe)2SiO4の弾性率の温度変化 : 補遺
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著者 間山 憲仁| 鈴木 功|
抄録 We measured the resonant frequencies for sphere specimens of the high pressure phases, β-and γ-(Mg0.91Fe0.09)2SiO4 from 298 to 470 K. The adibatic bulk modulus Ks and shear modulus μ at 298 K were determined to be Ks=165.72(6), μ=105.43(2) GPa for the β-phase, and Ks=185.1(2), μ=118.22(6) GPa for the γ-phase, respectively. The average slopes of the moduli at the measured temperature ranges were found to be ∂Ks/∂T=-0.175(3), ∂μ/∂T=-0.0159(1) GPaK-1 for the β-phase and ∂Ks/∂T=-0.193(6), ∂μ/∂T=-0.148(3) GPaK-1 for the γ-phase. The numerals in parentheses indicate probeble errors in the last place. In this technical report, we describe the observed frequencies and calcuation method to obtain elastic moduli, in details.
キーワード Wadsleyite Ringwoodite Elastic moduli
出版物タイトル Okayama University Earth Science Report
発行日 2004-12-31
開始ページ 7
終了ページ 14
ISSN 1340-7414
言語 English
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著者 間山 憲仁|
発行日 2005-03-25
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