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著者 Ito, Toshio| Itoshima, Tatsuya| Ukida, Minoru| Tobe, Kazuo| Kiyotoshi, Shozo| Kawaguchi, Keiji| Ogawa, Hiromichi| Yamamoto, Harumi| Hattori, Shuzo| Kitadai, Masahiro| Mizutani, Shigeki| Tsuchiya, Takahiro| Kita, Keiji| Tanaka, Ryoji| Nagasima, Hideo|
抄録 <p>The whole body including extended processes of Ito's fat-storing cells was observed by scanning electron microscopy in rat liver injured with lithocholic acid (LCA). Necrotic foci developed in the midlobular zone 48 h after LCA administration. Demonstration of Ito cell bodies around the foci was probably facilitated by easy detachment of hepatocytes from Ito cells. The body and the processes were located mainly between the sinusoidal endothelium and hepatocytes; sometimes they were between hepatocytes. Ito cells often were proximate to collagen fiber bundles and sometimes were attached to them. The cell body was flatly round or elliptic, 7 to 12 micron in diameter. Its surface was finely undulated with microvillous projections about 0.1 micron in length. Branching patterns of the processes resembled a fern-leaf mantling the sinusoidal endothelium. The trunks of the processes were about 2 micron in diameter and 20-30 micron in length. These processes tapered, branching into thinner processes, with the most peripheral being 0.1 micron in diameter. Ito cells and their branching processes likely strengthen sinusoidal walls and control blood flow in the sinusoids.</p>
キーワード ito cell fat-storing cell lithocholic acied liver cell necrosis scanning electron microscopy
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発行日 1984-02
出版物タイトル Acta Medica Okayama
出版者 Okayama University Medical School
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終了ページ 9
ISSN 0386-300X
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PubMed ID 6702480
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