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著者 Ueda Kiyotaka| 大崎 紘一| 梶原 康博| 宗澤 良臣|
抄録 We propose an image processing method for part handling robot for picking up subjects piled in a container. Line laser light is projected on subjects, and its external shape is detected by many segments of a line laser, and pitch, roll, and yaw angles of subject are recognized precisely. A priority rule is settled to choose one subject that is taken out. This rule is determined by considering the grasping space, the position of a subject, the movement space of hand and so on.
出版物タイトル Memoirs of the Faculty of Engineering, Okayama University
発行日 2001-03-27
開始ページ 169
終了ページ 175
ISSN 0475-0071
言語 English
論文のバージョン publisher
NAID 120002307198